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Venice Carnival


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1. Costume
2. Sightseeing
3. Who goes there?
4. Impolite people
5. Carnival themes
6. Weather
7. Carrying things
8. Where & how
9. Mutual respect
10. Have fun!

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Trying to find information about taking part in the Venice Carnival can be hard work. Or at least, that's what we found.

This is the main part of the site that explains how to get dressed up, join in, and enjoy taking part in the Venice Carnival (or Carnevale de Venezia as the locals call it). It's mostly based on our personal experience, but also based on information we gathered from web sites - including many that weren't in English.


1. Costume - What to wear, where to get one
2. Sightseeing - some drawbacks
3. Who goes there? - other people who take part
4. Impolite people - there's always one...
5. Carnival themes - when is a theme not a theme?
6. Weather - how to dress for the weather
7. Carrying things - when costumes don't have pockets
8. Where & how - where events take place
9. Mutual respect - getting along with other participants
10. Have fun! - that's what you're there for!

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