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7. Carrying things

or "Handbags and Bumbags"

Chances are, your costume doesn't have any pockets for essential items like money, hotel keys, camera - or an invisibility potion for when your busting for the toilet, but can't get there for the hoardes of tourists who want their kid's photos taken next to you!

The solution to the latter example is to take regular breaks, but for the others, you'll need some sort of bag to carry your stuff. Now, a rucksack or a carrier bag probably doesn't go with your costume, so you'll need an alternative.

For women, this means a small handbag that goes with the costume, or alternatively, one that can be concealed easily (e.g. worn over the shoulder, but underneath a cloak). For men, this means a bum bag strapped around the waist and, again, concealed under a jacket or cloak. Bumbags are also suitable for women who don't want a handbag, and have the advantage that they keep your hands free. Equally, of course, if you're a bloke who fancies a handbag, then go right ahead. You're behind a mask anyway, right?!

Bumbags can often be found in the travel goods section of large department stores, and in the travel accessories section of shops that sell luggage. You can probably pick one up at an airport shop if you get stuck. Expect to pay about £7-10 for one that has a reasonable amount of storage space, and is comfortable to wear.

Of course, you should take precautions with your valuables as you would in any other major European city - remember, you bag may be hidden, but is it safe?

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