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6. Prepare for the weather

While it is possible that the carnival will take place in the middle of a heatwave, it is fairly unlikely.

Venice, being in the middle of the sea, attracts a cold sea breeze. Even if it's a sunny day, prepare as you would for a sunny February day in the UK. Thermals, extra layers and pre-planned coffee breaks are a good idea, and possibly esssential if you don't want to become permanently frozen to the middle of St. Mark's Square (San Marco).

Experiment before you set out, to see what warm clothing you can hide underneath your costume. A pair of thick jeans, two layers of tights and a fleece may seem extreme, but after a couple of hours, you might be glad you put them on! Incidentally, don't be fooled by the cool weather outside your hotel - by the time you get to St. Mark's Square, it'll feel a whole lot colder. This may be why some people in costume are prepared to pay €50 for a hot chocolate at one of the posh parties.

Having said all the above, miracles do sometimes happen. So wear clothes in layers, so that if you're boiling hot, you can unzip or remove some of them.

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