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5. Anything goes

A photo of a character in an elegant period costume, with another character at his feet, dressed in an elegant but humorous green and yellow jester's costume. The caption reads: Elegant or comical, the choice is yours Theme? What theme?

Although the Venice Carnival (Carnevale di Venezia) has a different theme each year, don't worry too much about getting a costume that fits it. Websites often show people in costumes and masks that fit the theme of previous years, but the pictures have been selected for that purpose. Lots of people wear much plainer, simpler costumes, and pretty much anything historical from Europe will do - medieval, baroque, Elizabethan, Don Giovanni. Just leave the caveman costume at home! In 2005, the Simpson family made an appearance (yes, Marge, Homer, and co.), but that is definitely not a typical example!

We went in matching medieval prince and princess costumes (pictured on the main page). Although we seemed to be the only medieval-themed people there, the crowd seemed to appreciate that.

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